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Not to know is bad; not to wish to know is worse.

- Nigerian proverb


AGAG seeks to educate Africa funders on methods of effective funding and trends in current Africa-related philanthropy. Here we make available our knowledge base of audio clips, publications, resource links, slideshows and videos to deepen knowledge and learning about funding to Africa.

Under the Knowledge section of the website, users can access:

Education in Africa
Access AGAG’s reports, facts page, video, audio and resource links on supporting education in Africa.

Access AGAG’s published research reports, reports of its meetings, conferences, retreats and book.  Most are free downloads.

Resources on Africa
Access web links to resources on Africa.

Resources for Grantmakers
Access links to resources on Africa grantmaking published by funders.

Other knowledge-related programs, products or events are accessible on the AGAG website.  These are:

Access slide shows and video and audio excerpts of current research and events.  Media is available for:

  • Education in Africa audio and video
  • Conversations With/Dialogues On conference call series (calls covers variety of topics related to Africa and Africa grantmaking)
  • Take a Look (Research)
  • AGAG Update e-Newsletter


  • The Search for Funding Tool to identify where AGAG members fund by region, country and topic area.
  • Browse the Funding Resources page with links to guide grantseekers to site that support fundraisers. (Please note that the Africa Grantmakers' Affinity Group does not make grants or review proposals. Proposals received will not be returned and we do not respond to request to help identify funding or sources of funding.)


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