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  "Funding in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities" - 2014 Conference Report


Annual Retreat Reports

Since 2000 AGAG has convened an annual meeting to bring together grantmakers interested in funding in Africa and produced a report summarizing the discussions. Agenda topics have addressed a range of topics, including philanthropy in Africa, grantmaking and advocacy, partnerships, US Africa policy and the African Diaspora.



2000 Annual Retreat


2002 Annual Retreat


2003 Annual Meeting


2005 Annual Retreat


2006 Annual Meeting


2008 Conference


2009 Annual Retreat


2010 Annual Retreat

2011 Annual Retreat 

2012 Annual Retreat

2013 Annual Retreat


2014 Conference



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AGAG conducts research projects and convenes learning calls and meetings to extract lessons learned and strategies related to grantmaking in Africa. This knowledge is made available in the variety publications below. 

"The Philanthropic Landscape in the United States: A Topology of Trends"


This paper was commissioned to inform AGAG's strategic planning and the 2013 Annual Retreat. The paper was authored by Sandra Bass, Executive Director of Teach with Africa. It highlights key trends in U.S. Philanthropy that funders to Africa should be aware of.

Trends Paper

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Summary Report

"Making the Right Fit: Supporting NGOs in Africa Using Direct and Indirect Funding
Report Summary"

This summary report presents findings and recommendations from the study AGAG conducted to explore attitudes and opinions about funding national non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Africa directly or indirectly through intermediary organizations. The findings are based on interviews with staff members of grantmaking, intermediary and non-governmental organizations. Our goals were to explore how NGOs in Africa experience receiving support directly or indirectly through intermediary organizations and to identify some of the reasons foundations use one method or the other.

This summary includes key findings to the study questions and the benefits of direct and indirect funding. It concludes with recommendations that are targeted to grantmakers.



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“Funding for Health and Basic Education Programs for Children and Youth in Southern Africa”
Summary Report and Key Findings

This study examined funding for health and basic education programs for children and youth in ten Southern Africa countries between 2001 and 2005. Included in the study were 41 US funders and 2 European funders.

CYSA Summary

Take a Second Look!
Data That Matters

Download the Powerpoint

CYSA Summary

Summary Report

CYSA Key Findings

Key Findings

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Health in Africa

Funding for Health in Africa

“Funding for Health in Africa: Mapping the U.S. Foundation Landscape 2000-2002”

An overview of funding by foundations based in the United States for health-related activities in Africa for the three-year period from 2000 through 2002. (2004)


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"Development Funding in Africa"
Resource Directory

This Resource Directory on Development Funding in Africa is an updated version of the edition that was distributed to participants attending the AGAG Conference and Annual Retreat held in Johannesburg, South Africa, in February 2008. It was compiled as a resource to help participants identify other funders working in similar or related thematic or geographic areas in Africa. The profiles are based on information supplied by participants and a review of websites and other public sources.  It is not meant to be a detailed, exhaustive or definitive description.


Development Funding in Africa

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HIV SA Directory

Funding for HIV/AIDS in South Africa

“Funding for HIV/AIDS in South Africa”

A directory compiled as a resource for grantmakers who are interested in starting a new program, or expanding a current program, to support efforts to combat HIV/AIDS in South Africa. (2004)



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“Making a Difference in Africa: Advice from Experienced Grantmakers”

Published as a joint effort with the International Programs Department of the Council on Foundations, this book provides advice from grantmakers supporting projects in Africa on a range of topics from developing a strategy to working with African grantees.

This publication is not available for download. Please contact AGAG at info[at]africagrantmakers[dot]org for information about purchasing a copy.


COF Book

Making a Difference in Africa

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Call Summary 0907

Integrating HIV and Sexual Reproductive Health

"Integrating HIV and Sexual Reproductive Health: Intersections in East Africa" In collaboration with the Funders Network on Population, Reproductive Health & Rights, this call highlighted issues related to integration of HIV/AIDS and reproductive health programs.   

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