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Education is important to the growth and development of healthy and vibrant communities. Different levels of education face different challenges and while most people think of education in a formal setting, education is all encompassing and learning is a life long process. 

On this page you can read interviews and listen to excerpts from programs the Africa Grantmakers' Affinity Group has organized to explore the various approaches and strategies used to improve education quality and access for communities in Africa.

Listen to the audio from the three part series on "The Nexus of Information and Education"  that explores formal and nonformal education and the important role of information technology in learning.

Listen to the interview with the Coordinator of the Partnership for Higher Education in Africa, a multi-foundation, multi-year partnership to support university education in selected African countries.


  Speakers:   About the Speakers
  Audio   Connecting Education and Information: The Nexus of Information and Education Part I
  Audio   Formal Education: The Nexus of Education and Information Part II
  Audio   Information Access: The Nexus of Education and Information Part III
  Interview Summary: Lewis   Suzanne Grant Lewis of the Partnership of Higher Education in Africa
  Audio: Lewis Interview   Suzanne Grant Lewis of the Partnership for Higher Education in Africa
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