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A series of conference calls and meetings organized to share knowledge and learning among Africa grantmakers.

Some calls are open to all funders and others open to AGAG members only.  
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Below is a listing of the upcoming events. Please click on the name of the event for more information. If the event requires RSVP, please refer to the information in the left hand column.  Most events are open to funders only but please check the registration information for more details.


  Feb. 15, 2012   Pre-retreat Call II - Evaluation and Learning: Navigating the Range of Approaches
  April 12, 2012   Land Grab, Water Supply and Indigenous Peoples Communities in Africa
  April 28, 2012   Supporting Women, Supporting Social Change Session at Council on Foundation Pre-Conference on Global Engagement: Widening Your Grantmaking Lens
  May 15, 2012   Funding Trends for African Issue-based NGO’s
  Sept. 28, 2012   Approaches to Grassroots Direct Funding to Indigenous Communities in Africa
  Oct. 16, 2012   Status of HIV/AIDS in Africa
  Nov. 5, 2012   Is Media Development Useful in Supporting Sustainable Development in Africa?
  Dec. 11 2012   Approaches to Funding Social Innovation in Africa
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