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Conversations With/Dialogues On... (CWDO) is a series of conference calls and meetings organized for the purpose of sharing knowledge and learning among members, either on a one-time basis or as part of a series. CWDO is open to funders only. To download the Call Summary and read program and speaker bios visit our Conversations Series page. On this page you can listen to excerpts from the calls.

Listen in:

  Dec. 18, 2013   Indigenous Rights Risk Report: Findings in Africa
  June 5, 2013   Understanding the Opportunity for Impact Investing in Africa
  Nov. 5, 2012   Is Media Development Useful in Supporting Sustainable Development in Africa?
  Dec. 11 2012   Approaches to Funding Social Innovation in Africa
  Oct. 16, 2012   Status of HIV/AIDS in Africa
  Sept. 28, 2012   Approaches to Grassroots Direct Funding to Indigenous Communities in Africa
  June 28, 2012   AGAG & Funders Concerned about AIDS: Philanthropy and the Global Fund - A Funders' Briefing
  June 3, 2010   What Africa Funders Should Know About The DETROIT2DAKAR (D2D) U.S. SOCIAL FORUM
  November 10, 2009   Post UN Copenhagen Climate Change Conference: Funding Climate Adaptation and Pro-Poor Energy in Africa
  September 17, 2009   Feedback from the Field: West Africa Knowledge Exchange Workshop
  August 20, 2009   Recent Developments in Zimbabwe: Update for Funders
  July 16, 2009   Strategic Collaborations in Supporting Health Projects in Africa
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