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Please note that the Africa Grantmakers' Affinity Group does not make grants or review proposals.  Proposals received will not be returned and we do not respond to request to help identify funding or sources of funding.


The following resources provide useful information international funding including funding to Africa.  Please consult the each website for more detailed information on their services and resources.

Funding Trends for African Issue-based NGOs In this presentation at Foundation Center Washington, DC, Niamani Mutima, Executive Director of Africa Grantmakers' Affinity Group, discusses some of the trends related to current funding in Africa.

Tips for Grant Seeking for Africa Projects provides tools, resources, and information for development  organizations in Africa seeking grants from American and European  funders.  The tips and suggestions that have been gathered for this site  come from interviews with several grantmaking organizations and  associations in the United States and Europe that target the grassroots.

United States International Grantmakers (USIG) Supported by grants from members of the Council on Foundations, this site has useful informatin for organizations outside of the United States seeking grants from U.S. foundations.

Foundation Center A good source of information about U.S foundations with useful links, resources and instructional materials on proposal writing.

The Grantsmanship Center This site provides information on grantsmanship training and information on grants for international organizations.

Guidestar This site offers a free database of information about non-profit organizations, including their 990-IRS forms, and the forms of foundations. Find information on the operations and finances of non-profits, and donors can seek out and compare charities and monitor their performance. A great site for resources and information about organizations in 140 countries. All nonprofit services are free and includes useful web links.

Innovation Network, Inc. A great website with a very useful tool for project and program planning and other helpful resources.

Funder Edge Alliance A network of foundations and individual donors dedicated to global social justice grantmaking.

OneWorld This site has a wealth of information related to international development, with news bulletins and reports in five languages. This site supports local projects initiated by NGOs in environment, sustainable development and health. Focuses on supporting projects started by grassroots organizations around the world.

Synergos Knowledge Resources website is a program of the Synergos Institute which provides information on grantmaking foundations in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

GrantCraft is a project of the the Foundation Center and the European Foudation Centre that provides a range of tools useful to grant makers on the craft of grantmaking.


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