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The Iroko Project

The IROKO tree is native to various regions of Africa. It is used to make the “talking drum.”

It symbolizes efforts to build a robust and relevant body of knowledge with many “branches."

The hope is to build a knowledge tree with many branches reflecting different approaches and interests.

Under the IROKO Project AGAG organized learning calls and meetings to bring together funders and other  stakeholders to discuss best pratices for supporting education in Africa. 




Education in Africa

Education is an important cornerstone for development and represents just one of the areas that is supported by both private and public funders.

As part of the IROKO project the Africa Grantmakers' Affinity Group compiled information and resources and organized a series of discussions on education in Africa with funders and industry experts to discuss how the investments in and approaches to education in Africa are making a difference.

This information has been compiled on this page to provide easy access to the resources which were produced from the project.


Education Facts and Figures


Resources in Education in Africa


"The Nexus of Information and Education" 3 part audio series

Listen to Audio Excerpts from this audio series


Seminar on "Supporting Education in Africa"

Read the Summary Report

View video excerpts from the seminar

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